Agriculture and Sustainability


Agriculture and Sustainability

We moved to this house from the Turin area in 2010 because we were fascinated by the place: Barbara, Gian Massimo a daughter and a son (Agnese and Tommaso, they were at that time 13 e 10 years old). Here our family has experienced a change of lifestyle and started to use the land to our advantage. We manage  the vineyard, the orchard and the fields, with the help of people from the area.

We like improve our earth and are cultivating:

  • vineyard

la-vigna-di-Casa-Aiva-Pinerolo consists of different varieties of grapes, some autochthonous, as Doux D'Henry and Chatus, others more known as Barbera, Bonarda and Neretta Cuneese. The southern exposure of the hill, let us produce a good red wine, the wine Ciabutin, the alcohol content of around 13-14 °. We entrust the vinification to Malva Arnaldi-School, they are doing a great job on the Pinerolo area for biodiversity, conservation and recovery of local crops.

Description Red Wine Il Ciabutin by a Sommelier:

The first impression is the deep, compact and shining purple red in the glass. It already gives a hint for the natural way of wine production.

The nose is initially affected by the aroma derived from the spontaneous fermentation. Giving the wine some time and air, a refreshing and intensive bouquet of cool fruits, cassis and plums combined with dark chocolate and herbs from the vineyard appears.

Lively, juicy and fresh is the impression having the wine in the mouth.

The moderate structure, the present but soft tannins, the nice integrated alcohol and a bit excluded acidity complete the picture. The finish is again juicy and lively. In total a harmonic and joyful wine pleasure of a very natural made wine.

Drinking suggestions: 18 - 20°C, Bordeaux-Glass, open bottle 1 hour before or use decanter.

  • fruits

especially pome fruit, from which we obtain the clear apple juice, all 100% natural: we have never used any plant protection product, the streets with the passage of vehicles and the cultivated fields of the plains are far away and so there is not pollution. We have entrusted the processing into juice in Cascina Danesa of Bibiana, because we appreciate their attention to quality and organic

  • wildflower honey

in 2015 we started the breeding of bees and the wildflower honey production to give a small personal contribution to their fundamental importance for pollination and the overall environmental balance. We started with 10 hives and early our bees have been very involved in building new foundations for their nests and in raising their families. We discovered how fascinating their world is, how much work there is to be part of the thousands of bees that make up a family and how many difficulties and dangers are subject. As it is collected on the flowers of our hill in the months of May, June and July, we have obtained for us the fruit of some supers: we brought them to the laboratory La Tadea of Bibiana, who took care of the honey extraction and packaging in cans 500gr.

In addition to our products, we can offer to our guests fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local producers and, in appropriate seasons, also direct funding of some fruits from farms in the area (eg. Cranberries and chestnuts).

Apart from this, there are some values which have always been fundamental to us concerning eco-sustainability.
For some years we have been buying products through a solidarity purchase group and we are members of a community which has enabled us to get to know and deepen our knowledge of these products.

We have started a project to save electricity and water.
Photovoltaic panels for electricity and hot water solar panels. The house is well insulated. We built a drain for the collection of rain water. It is used for irrigation of the grass, vegetable garden and the vineyard.

The main house has allowed us to create an apartment which has been carefully furnished using ecological materials friendly to the environment and health.
Subsequently, we renovated the old little house of the vineyard called "Ciabot" in our dialect: from a deposit of tools, it became a cozy and romantic dependance for two people "Il Ciabutin".

Here our guests are very much at home and can enjoy natures’ richness. The five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste often obscured by daily life will be awakened. Every season offers a different pleasant sensation that you can maximize at Casa Aiva.

We are happy to share with the guests the positive sensations which this place has given us and continues offering from the very beginning.