Hiking time! That’s why Casa Aiva is the ideal starting point for bike rides, an amazing experience in Pinerolo land.

The warm season is approaching … it’s time to start planning the next week-ends, the days of relaxation and the holidays! From Casa Aiva it is easy to leave for exciting cycling tours, to live an amazing experience among the enchanting landscapes.
In February it is still chilly and only the super fans are launched in the first outings, but with the spring, from mid-March onwards, spending a few days on our territory can be a wonderful surprise!
If you love cycling and Mtb, here you will find magnificent routes, from the easiest to the most challenging, depending on your preparation and experience.

For families there are numerous cycle paths that develop between the fields of the plain and offer spectacular views towards our hills and mountains, first of all the impressive Monviso.
If you are an expert cyclist, you could appreciate the many hill and mountain excursions, depending on your taste.
If you are a bit ‘less trained but you like to enjoy the outdoors and the thrill of a nice ride, then with e-bikes (available for hire and also with a guide) you can have a lot of fun and you will only have the difficulty of choice among the many trips we will propose to you!
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Made in Pinerolo of Associazione Pinerolo & Valli Experience.
Our area also offers something special … have you ever cycled in a mine? This is a territory rich in mines of all kinds, now abandoned, but which in the past centuries represented an important sector of employment. Here, you can try your hand at a truly unique experience, crossing the largest talc mine in Europe!
Did we intrigue you enough? Come on, come and try!

Photos by Associazione Bike & More and Claudio Bonifazio